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Ceska Lipa is a city in Liberec Region of North-Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The town of Ceska Lipa lies in the picturesque countryside at the base of the Luzicke Mountains near the well-known Macha recreation region. Ceska Lipa is a lively, modern, fast developing town. Find property for sale in Ceska Lipa.

Ceska Lipa is the district town set southeastward of Decin upon the Ploucnice river surrounded by wealthy forest. The local ponds are considered as another natural attribute of this town built up at the west and south suburb. The town is surrounded by the Luzicke hory mountains from north, the Ceske stredohori hills from west and by the national park “Kokorinsko” from south.

The origins of the town of Ceska Lipa date approximately from the third quarter of the 13th century. The position of the town on an important merchant way incessantly supported development of craft production that led to foundation of extraordinarily developed suburbs.

The Ceska Lipa district lies in the west of the Liberec region and has an industrial visage. The most important industry is the glass industry, which has had a long tradition in the area. Also, an important sector is represented by mechanical engineering and automotive industry suppliers. The region offers many areas for potential investors. Get your own property in Ceska Lipa.

Ceska Lipa is the best base for those who want to see the region around, still largely undiscovered by the Czech public at large. The town and its surroundings have many cycle paths branching out into the attractive countryside with views of the Luzicke Mountains and Czech Central Highlands for those seeking more active relaxation. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Ceska Lipa.

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