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Kivioli is an industrial town in Ida-Viru County, Estonia, 130 km from Tallin. The main industry is oil shale mining that gives the town its name. The town is divided into two districts: Kuttejou and Varinurme. Find property for sale in Kivioli.

Just a short walk from the Kivioli you get to the foot of an ash mountain - the highest in Estonia (173 m above the sea level). Mountain is the result of industrial extraction and processing of combustible slate. When the weather is fine you can enjoy an unforgettable view that opens from the top of this artificial mountain: industrial and natural landscape from the cement works in Kunda (about 30 km to the north-west) up to the city of Narva (about 70 km to the east). From the cliff you can see the islands Tuttarsaared in the north and Alutaguse in the south. Get your own property in Kivioli.

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