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Mustvee is a small quiet town and municipality in Estonia. It lies on the shore of Lake Peipus in Jogeva County. Due to its position at the broadest part of the lake, this traditional fishing town is increasingly popular as a tourist centre. Find property for sale in Mustvee.

Mustvee is situated on the western shore of Lake Peipus, the fourth biggest lake in Europe. Mustvee is known for churches of four different confessions, a museum of scales, a museum of old-believers, monuments and a Kalevipoeg’s sling-stone.

Mustvee, a town with nearly 2,000 inhabitants, was granted the right of township in 1938. As early as during the 14th century, this locality was well known as a fishing location. For local Russians, fishing has often been the only source of income, with minor support obtained from handicraft and trading. Estonians, however, were also engaged in land cultivation. Get your own property in Mustvee.

Lake Peipsi, located on the eastern border of Estonia, has very significantly affected the life of the people living on the shore. Peipsi is the second largest lake in Europe and the largest transboundary body of water. The northern shore of Peipsi has developed into a holiday area of Eastern Virumaa, with its centre in Kauksi. Ancient villages have been changed into summer homes. A number of traditional settlements have been preserved along the shoreline in Jogeva and Tartu Counties, including the towns of Mustvee and Kallaste and some villages of Old-Believers, with their infrastructure and lifestyle established during the course of centuries. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Mustvee.

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