Property for sale in Novy Jicin (Czech Republic)

Property for sale in Novy Jicin

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Novy Jicin

Novy Jicin is a town in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic. The city is situated at the southern end of the Moravian Gate Valley at the edge of the Beskydy Mountains. Find property for sale in Novy Jicin.

Novy Jicin was established near the intersection of two old trade routes. Novy Jicin is a historical centre in the first place. Since its foundation at the end of the 13th century, the town went through many changes, but none of them has changed its unique and historical character. At the beginning of the 19th century, factories began to spring up in the city. Novy Jicin was connected to the railway and experienced general economic growth that was interrupted by the two World Wars. Currently, the city has good transportation connections, high-quality hotels and pensions, recreational opportunities, and a well-developed business environment. Get your own property in Novy Jicin.

Together with its cultural wealth, the town of Novy Jicin offers its visitors numerous possibilities of sports recreation and beautiful surroundings, including the famous tourist centers of the nearby Beskydy Mountains. The region of Novy Jicin is one of the most interesting regions in the North Moravia. It extends in a picturesque landscape from the foothills of Lower Jesenik across the fruitful valley of the Moravian Gate to the piedmont chain of the Moravskoslezske Beskydy in the southeast. It is a region with an extraordinary concentration of sights. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Novy Jicin.

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