Property for sale in Sokolov (Czech Republic)

Property for sale in Sokolov

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Sokolov

Sokolov (named Falknov nad Ohri until 1948) is a city in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic, located to the northeast of Cheb. Sokolov lies in the hilly northwestern corner of Bohemia near the border with Germany. Find property for sale in Sokolov.

Sokolov is a natural center of the region - a town situated on the confluence of the Ohre and Svatava Rivers with the Lobezsky Creek. A frequented highway connecting Prague – Karlovy Vary – Germany leads past Sokolov providing an excellent traffic connection. Even if it does not appear so at first sight, it is a land full of beauty, variety, fine countryside and numerous historical and noteworthy sights and yet it is also a land of modern technology and considerable industrial production. Get your own property in Sokolov.

Sokolovsko (Sokolov region) has always been remarkable for its considerable natural resources, the extraction and processing of which have had a marked effect on the overall character of the region and on the development of individual branches of industry. It would be difficult to find another area on the map of the Czech Republic where practically every kind of raw-material extraction takes place in such a small area.

Since 1989 local coal mining has been extremely suppressed, other industrial fields have been modernized and many businesses shut down. Massive investments began to flow to the revitalization of the areas devastated by the mining activity. Ecologic issues were solved. The quality of air and water cleanliness is good. The Sokolov countryside is gradually becoming a sought holiday resort. All this comes complete with unique and charming natural sights, scenic coves and valleys of the Slavkovsky Les, Ore Mountains or along the Ohre River. These places are true oases of peace and tranquility providing winter and summer recreation. There are also many historical sights luring visitors to this part of country. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Sokolov.

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