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Tournai (Dutch Doornik) is a Walloon city and municipality of Belgium located 85 kilometres southwest of Brussels, on the river Scheldt (French Escaut), in the province of Hainaut. Tournai is located in the lowlands of Belgium, at the southern limit of the Flemish plain, in the basin of the river Scheldt. Administratively, the town is part of the Province of Hainaut, itself part of the Walloon Region of the country. It is also a commune that is part of the French-speaking Community of Belgium. Tournai has its own arrondissement, both administrative and judicial. Find property for sale in Tournai (Doornik).

Its area of 213.75 km² makes it the largest commune in size in Belgium; it is also the largest in population in Western Hainaut. The municipality of Tournai consists of the former municipalities of Ere, Saint-Maur, Orcq, Esplechin, Froyennes, Froidmont, Willemeau, Ramegnies-Chin, Templeuve, Chercq, Blandain, Hertain, Lamain, Marquain, Gaurain-Ramecroix, Havinnes, Beclers, Thimougies, Barry, Maulde, Vaulx, Vezon, Kain, Melles, Quartes, Rumillies, Mont-Saint-Aubert, Mourcourt and Warchin. Get your own property in Tournai (Doornik).

Tournai lies on both banks of the Scheldt near the Belgian/French border. As the administrative capital of an arrondissement, a seat of a bishop and of a Chamber of Industry and Trade and of a law court, Tournai is of more than administrative and cultural importance and possesses major industries. Several attractive but mostly reconstructed buildings testify to the prosperity of the old princely residence and episcopal town. Cement works, engineering, food processing and a traditional textile industry, especially carpet weaving, form the basis of the town's economy. Tournai has always been the most important market for the surrounding agricultural area. Tournai is after Tongeren the oldest town in Belgium and it has played an important role in the country's cultural history. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Tournai (Doornik).

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