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Vohma (also Vehma) is an urban municipality of Viljandi County, Estonia. Vohma air base (also Vohma) is a former Soviet air base in Estonia located 4 km north of Vohma. It was dismantled towards the end of the Cold War. Find property for sale in Vohma.

Vohma ia a town in Central Estonia surrounded by rural area. In the Soviet time there was the main company Vohma meat-processing company that had a first bankruptcy in 1994 and another in 1996 followed by a social crisis and cancellation of almost economic activity in town after that. After the closure of the meat company hundreds of people migrated out of Vohma to find livelihoods elsewhere, mainly in bigger cities like Tallinn and also abroad. Since the toughest times the situation has stabilized. Get your own property in Vohma.

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