Property for sale in Montana Province (Bulgaria)

Property for sale in Montana Province

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Montana Province

Montana Province (oblast) is a province in central regions of northwestern Bulgaria. It is bounded by Vidin, Vratsa and Sofia Provinces; to the north it reaches out to the Danube and borders Romania and to the southwest it borders Serbia.

Water transport is a significant factor for the development of the region. The harbor of Lom is the second biggest river port in Bulgaria after Ruse. The Danube River is connected through the so-called "Europe Channel" with the rivers of Main and Rhine and connects the North Sea with the Black Sea. In the plain part of the province plant growing is well developed, there are favorable conditions for automated tillage and artificial irrigation. Montana Province has favorable conditions for development of balneological tourism, ecotourism and water sports. Find property for sale in Montana.

The Montana province contains 11 municipalities. The province's major city is Montana, while other significant towns include Berkovitsa, Boychinovtsi, Brusartsi, Chiprovtsi, Georgi, Damyanovo, Lom, Medkovets, Valchedram, Varshets and Yakimovo.

Montana is a city in northwestern Bulgaria and the administrative centre of Montana Province next to Ogosta River, not far from Ogosta Dam. It is located 145 km north of Sofia, 50 km south of the Danube, 40 km northwest of Vratsa and 30 km east of the Serbian border. The city is huddled between the foothill of the Balkan Mountain Range and the Danube river Plain. It is an important transport junction of Northwestern Bulgaria. Get your own property in Montana.

Montana city lies along the Ogosta River in a fertile agricultural region noted for its grains, fruits, vines, market-garden produce, and livestock breeding. Relatively new housing estates as well as industry are evident in the town. In the region are forests and game reserves in which deer, pheasant, and rabbit are hunted. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Montana.

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