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Stara Zagora Province is a province situated in the middle of Southern Bulgaria. It is bounded by the provinces of Sliven, Yambol, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo. It is a strategic crossroad between the East and the West, the North and the South.

Stara Zagora Province is rich in fertile land. The region is also rich in water resources. There are lots of mineral springs in Pavel Banya, Stara Zagora spas and the village of Yagoda. The region offers very good conditions for tourism and relaxation. Find property for sale in Stara Zagora Province.

Stara Zagora Province has 12 municipalities. The province's major city is Stara Zagora, while other significant towns include Bratya Daskalovi, Chirpan, Galabovo, Gurkovo, Kazanlak, Maglizh, Nikolaevo, Opan, Pavel Banya, Radnevo and Shipka.

Stara Zagora is the sixth largest city in Bulgaria, and one of the nationally important economic centers. Stara Zagora is the administrative centre of its municipality and the Stara Zagora Province. It is an important industrial, cultural and education centre with number of secondary schools, technical schools and specialized secondary schools and lots of Research and Cultural Institutes. Get your own property in Stara Zagora.

Today Stara Zagora is one of the most modern contemporary towns of Bulgaria. Businesses and foreign investment are growing, the city’s economy is rapidly developing and Stara Zagora has one of the highest living standards in Bulgaria. Stara Zagora is also known as the city of straight streets, linden trees, and poets. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Stara Zagora.

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