Property for sale in Blansko (Czech Republic)

Property for sale in Blansko

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Blansko is a town in Blansko District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It is located 30 km north of region capital Brno. Find property for sale in Blansko.

Blansko was established as a settlement (the Old Blansko) at the right bank of the Svitava River. The first written trace about the town dates back to 1141. The construction of the important railroad corridor Ceska Trebova - Praha in 1850 had a great influence on the flourishing of the town. Today, Blansko has about 22000 inhabitants. It is an industrial town that is specialized on the production of water turbine, grey cast iron, electrical measuring instruments and facilities for the polygraphic industry.

Located north of Brno, Blansko area is one of the most ecologically pure territories in the Czech Republic. The area boasts all the prerequisites for the development of tourism and recreation. The pleasant and healthy natural environment is ideal for stays and sport in open natural surroundings, including hiking, cross-country skiing, cycling, and horseback riding. In addition to natural beauty this region is endowed with a rich history and countless architectural landmarks. Get your own property in Blansko.

Blansko is a gate of entry to the Moravian Karst - a complex of caves opened to public. Throughout the year, visitors can access the Sloupsko-Sosuvske caves, the Balcarka cave, and Karst's best-known features, the Punkva cave and the Macocha gorges. Visitors can experience an unforgettable boat ride on the underground river, Punkva. On the little bridge near the tourist hut, they can look down to the bottom of the gorge. Thanks to its stalactites, the Moravian Karst is the most visited Karst land in the Czech Republic. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Blansko.

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