Property for sale in Hodonin (Czech Republic)

Property for sale in Hodonin

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Hodonin is a town on the River Morava in the southeast of Moravia, in the Czech Republic. Hodonin lies in the wine-growing Dolnomoravsky vale, 60 km southeast of Brno on the border between the Czech and Slovak states. Hodonin is located in the fertile landscape of South Moravia, in a viniferous Dolnomoravsky uval ravine. It is the warmest part of Moravia. It is situated in a flatland at the edge of the protected area of Bile Karpaty. Find property for sale in Hodonin.

Hodonin was founded in about 1030 as part of a fortification against Hungarian raids. Located on the southeast tip of the Czech Republic on the border with Slovakia, the Hodonin region is an area with a rich past documented by priceless archaeological finds, rare architectural landmarks of both spiritual and secular life, preserved folk architecture, and above all vibrant, living folklore and folk culture traditions. The Hodonin region is also a celebrated winemaking area. Get your own property in Hodonin.

Hodonin has been a bath town since 1978. The health resort in Hodonin is one of the newest resorts in the Czech Republic. The local water sources contain iodine salts with low mineralization and they are among the best ones in Europe. Patients with limb arteries problems, joint problems after inflammations and other locomotive system disorders are frequent treated here. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Hodonin.

Find properties in cities and towns of Hodonin District: Bzenec, Dubnany, Hodonin, Kyjov, Straznice, Veseli nad Moravou, Vracov and Zdanice.

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