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Schaarbeek (Dutch) or Schaerbeek (French) is one of the nineteen municipalities located in the Brussels Capital Region of Belgium. Schaerbeek is an old Dutch spelling for Schaarbeek, and literally means “cut brook”. Schaarbeek is nicknamed "the commune of donkeys" (la commune des ânes or de ezelsgemeente). This name is reminiscent of times when people of Schaarbeek, who were cultivators of sour cherries primarily for Kriek production, would arrive at the Brussels marketplace with donkeys laden with sour cherries. Find property for sale in Schaerbeek (Schaarbeek).

"Downtown Schaerbeek" is home to a powerful Turkish immigrant community, a significant part of which originates from Afyon/Emirdağ, Turkey. It is also home to a large Moroccan population and other immigrant communities.

"Uptown Schaerbeek" is nowadays a location selected by EU- and affluent people for its architecture and its convenient location (close to the EU and financial heart of the city, the airport and highways). Young couples are also favoring this suburb for its "Notting Hill" atmosphere and the still reasonable pricing of the estate, while prices are on the surge everywhere else in Brussels. Get your own property in Schaerbeek (Schaarbeek).

This commune is rich in potential, both culturally and architecturally, and certainly in terms of quality of life. On top of numerous sporting infrastructures, daycares, a new rest home, a recently renovated swimming pool, theatres and a complete network of schools, the commune takes pride in Parc Josaphat/Josaphatpark, a veritable open-air museum of sculptures. Lovely tree-lined avenues, featuring elegant town houses, run alongside the park. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Schaerbeek (Schaarbeek).

In the rue Royale Sainte-Marie/Koninklijke St.-Mariastraat, the Halles/Hallen, formerly a covered marketplace designed in the metallic style that characterized the end of the 19th century, has now been turned into a centre for cultural and artistic entertainment.

The town hall, inaugurated in 1887 and built in Italo-Flemish Renaissance style, could be considered a museum unto itself. For culture-lovers, the Maison des Arts/Huis der Kunsten organises a series of activities and exhibitions on any number of themes. Everywhere you look, urban renewal projects are underway. The Schaarbeek train station is a splendid work of architecture that was built in a Flemish Neo-Renaissance style between 1864 and 1913. Once an important international railway station it now serves but a few small regional routes and gives basic service for commuters during peak hours for getting in and out of Brussels.

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