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The municipality of Zagorje ob Savi makes part of Zasavska region which is geometric center of Slovenia. This, once mainly forest area with few settlements dramatically changed its appearance in last century. Due to prevailing coal mining and general dull looks the area began to be referred to as Crni revirji (The Black District). This is a mining industrial region difficult to find in any other part of Slovenia. The exploitation of brown coal resources from the beginning of 19th century caused a large concentration of population in the Zasavje highlands and establishment of three main urban settlements Trbovlje, Zagorje and Hrastnik. Mining not only attracted population and took part in development of several industries, but impressed its mark on the landscape that is expressed in the modality of settlement, outer looks of settlements and not least, the transformation of the land surface. Find property for sale in Zagorje ob Savi.

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