Why buy property in Slovenia

Why buy property in Slovenia

Foreign investors pick Slovenia for a great variety of reasons. The most important are high business ethics and commitment to quality work, good ties with markets in Western and Southeastern Europe, a central position in Europe and excellent infrastructure, and last but not least quality of life.

The legislation in line with EU standards, simple setting up a business, low taxes, the unrestricted transfer of profit and capital repatriation, the Government's pro-investment stance etc. have created a pro-business climate.

In investment terms, Slovenia is seen predominantly as a country offering strong potential for further growth. With diverse scenery stretching from the snow-capped Julian Alps and the beautiful Lake Bled to the sliver of Adriatic coastline, Slovenia has a growing property and tourism market, driven by foreign investors and rising local employment and wage rates.

An Alpine coastal country in southern central Europe, Slovenia is renowned for its unspoiled countryside, beautiful lakes and snow-capped mountains that cover 30% of the country. Contained in a space smaller than Wales, all these natural attractions are within easy reach of each other. Occupying an excellent location, bordered by the successful and established countries of Hungary, Italy, Austria and Croatia, Slovenia is in a position to flourish. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, Slovenia has a lot to offer; from hiking, skiing and snow boarding, to riding, climbing, golfing or simply strolling in the midst of awe-inspiring scenery. It also boasts 46 km of Adriatic coastline, bordering the popular Istrian peninsular that the country shares with Croatia.

House prices have risen accordingly, by around 20% per year, since EU entry in 2004. Investors should be aware that there are growing opportunities in the buy-to-let sector as tourism expands. The buying process is uncomplicated, relatively fast, and since EU accession, legislation allowing foreign property ownership has been introduced. The current government has pledged to work towards lower taxes and the privatization of state-operated industries in order to get the economy moving much faster. Average rents in the popular areas of Kranjska Gora, Portoroz, Ljubljana, Lake Bled, etc. giving great returns to investors. Property prices have escalated in recent years with rises of 10-30% in some areas and are expected to continue rising into the future.Much of the high-end accommodation is a similar price to other EU states, especially in the capital, Ljubljana, a small and beautiful town which has seen unprecedented rises. However, bargains can still be found in Slovenia's rural, untouched countryside.

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