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Gornja Radgona lies on the south bank of the Mura. It obtained town rights as early as 1265. After the course of the Mura River was changed, the river divided the town into an Austrian and Slovenian part, although in the Middle Ages it was designed as a uniform settlement. The town was finally divided after World War I, following the delineation of the state boundary. A suburb dominated by a medieval castle is all that has remained on the Slovene side.

Find property for sale in Gornja Radgona / Radenci. At Radenci the border moves away from the Mura and runs northward along the Kucnica River. The famous thermal springs were discovered in Radenci in 1833, while the beginnings of tourism in the area go back to the year 1871, when the springs were first utilized for medical treatment. Radenci thermal water is ranked among the most curative waters in Europe. A modern tourist village has grown around the springs. Get your own real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property)in Gornja Radgona / Radenci.

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