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Murska Sobota lies only a short distance away from the Mura River in the middle of Ravensko polje. Murska Sobota is the regional centre of Pomurje, the northeast part of Slovenija. The history of the town called Sobota by the local people is very interesting: this region was under the cover of several countries and only in 1919 it was joined to the central country of Slovenia. A settlement developed alongside the castle and remained a relatively insignificant peasant town. It began to build its reputation in the first half of the 20th century, and only experienced true flourishing after the World War II.

Find property for sale in Murska Sobota. Lying along the road leading toward Radenci are the villages of Krog, Tropovci, Tisina and Petanjci. A parallel road runs westward to Gederovci at the border with Austria. Along this road are the villages of Puconci, Martjanci, and Moravci. To the east are Beltinci, reputed for its folklore events, Turnisce, Dobrovnik and many smaller settlements. The villages with their typical small Pannonia houses mostly extend along the roads. Despite the endless plains and fertile land, the farms are mostly small and fragmented.

The Ledava River flows from the western hills of Goricko across Ravensko polje, where it is joined by numerous streams running off Goricko. Get your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Murska Sobota/Goricko.

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