Property for sale in Savinjska region (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Savinjska region

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Savinjska region

Savinjska region is the third largest region in Slovenia, and also the third in terms of population size. It extends from the Austrian border in the north-west to the Croatian border in the south-east. Its core area is the 30 km long and 10 km wide Lower Savinja valley in the middle part of the Savinja river, where Celje, the third largest Slovenian city and regional centre, was established at the confluence of several rivers.

The region is geographically very diverse, from the high, rugged Kamnik and Savinja Alps in the north-west to low, gently rolling wine-growing hills in the east. The population and economic centres of the region are the hop-growing Lower Savinja Valley with Celje and Zalec as the main towns, and the smaller Velenje Basin, the energy producing centre of Slovenia, with Velenje as its main town. The region is administratively divided among 32 municipalities, of which several are among the strongest economically in Slovenia (Velenje, Celje), although the majority of the rural municipalities in the mountainous parts of the region are economically weak and endangered by depopulation.

Get your own property in Savinjska region. The region's diverse landscape and its very location dictate its division into two economically developed nuclei and two economically less developed areas with a weak economy and declining population, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

The Lower Savinja Valley and the Velenje Basin are among the most economically developed areas of Slovenia with a well-developed infrastructure and a large skilled workforce. There are substantial groundwater supplies in the Lower Savinja valley, while several thermal springs serve as a basis for the development of health resorts around Celje and in the eastern part of the region.

Find property for sale in Savinjska region.  Savinjska region covers 11.8% of the national territory, of which only around 150 km² is a plain in the Lower Savinja Valley. The rest of the region is covered by forested mountains in the upper reaches of the Savinja drainage basin, extending into the high Kamnik and Savinja Alps towards the west. In the south-eastern part the Kozjansko hills are severely broken up by deep valleys, while in the south, forested ridges in the Sava Mountains reach up to 1 204 m.

Most popular places to buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Savinjska region are Celje, Velenje, Lasko, Mozirje, Slovenske Konjice, Sentjur pri Celju, Smarje pri Jelsah, Zalec, etc. The largest town in the region is Celje. Other towns are Zalec, the centre of the hop growing area, Velenje which developed rapidly after World War II thanks to the lignite mine, Mozirje, Slovenske Konjice and Sentjur.

Buy property in any of 32 municipalities in Savinjska region: Bistrica ob Sotli, Braslovce, Celje, Dobje, Dobrna, Gornji Grad, Kozje, Lasko, Ljubno, Luce, Mozirje, Nazarje, Podcetrtek, Polzela, Prebold, Radece, Rogaska Slatina, Rogatec, Slovenske Konjice, Solcava, Sentjur, Smarje pri Jelsah, Smartno ob Paki, Sostanj, Store, Tabor, Velenje, Vitanje, Vojnik, Vransko, Zrece and Zalec.

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