Property for sale in Spodnjeposavska region (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Spodnjeposavska region

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Spodnjeposavska region

Spodnjeposavska is the second smallest region in Slovenia, situated in its south-eastern part where the Sava river, flowing from sub-Alpine mountains, enters the Pannonian Plain. In the east and south the region extends to the Croatian border. This is a transitional region between forested sub-Alpine mountains, reaching 1 023 m, where steep slopes can support only small villages and isolated farms, and a wider, cultivated plain at the confluence of the Sava, Krka and Sotla rivers where climatic, cultural and other influences from the Pannonian Plain are felt. A belt of low wine-growing hills separates these two regions.

The towns of Sevnica, Brestanica, Krsko and Brezice were established in ancient times around medieval castles on an important traffic route along the Sava river connecting Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Get your own property in Spodnjeposavska region. Spodnjeposavska region is situated along the Ljubljana-Zagreb main railway and road and is easily accessible from central Slovenia as well as from neighbouring Croatia. The position along the state border is also favourable, resulting in a considerable number of jobs at border crossings. 

Thanks to well developed service activities and differences in the economic structure of the three urban centres (Sevnica, Krsko, Brezice), there is a variety of employment options, while local high schools provide an educated workforce with considerable employment possibilities in their home region.

Find property for sale in Spodnjeposavska region. The region covers 4.4% of Slovenia and can be divided into four parts. Its northern and western parts consist of dissected sub-Alpine mountains with vast forests on steep slopes and modest agricultural possibilities. On the southern foothills of these mountains there is a 10 km-wide belt of low hills with vineyards and orchards on sunny slopes.

Most popular places to buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Spodnjeposavska region are Brezice, Krsko, Sevnica, Catez, etc. The town of Sevnica is situated in the Sava valley in the middle of this belt. The central part of the region is a plain (up to 10 km wide) along the Sava, Krka and Sotla rivers. This is the most densely populated part of the region with the most important agricultural areas. Both bigger towns - Krsko and Brezice - are situated here. The Gorjanci range rises in the southern part of the region along the Croatian border. It is an almost completely uninhabited, densely forested karst area.
The Catez thermal spa was developed to exploit abundant wells of naturally radioactive water with a temperature of up to 62.5 °C, pumped from a depth of approximately 300 m.

Buy property in any of 6 municipalities in Spodnjeposavska region: Bistrica ob Sotli, Brezice, Kostanjevica na Krki, Krsko, Sevnica and Radece.

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