Property for sale in Divaca (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Divaca

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Divaca

Divaca is a small town and municipality in Obalno-kraska region of Slovenia, a few kilometers from the Italian border. Despite its small size, the Divaca municipality is full of interesting things. The hidden karstic magic is particularly evident in the majestic Skocjan caves, the limestone Kras plateau, the Divaca cave, the Risnik collapse sinkhole, the Senozece lowlands and typical karstic architecture such as the Skratelj house. Today, the house is home to an exhibition about the legendary Slovenian movie star Ita Rina, who dominated the silver screen during the 1920s.

Find property for sale in Divaca. The area is famous for the Kras wine region, part of the Slovenian wine tourist road project. Besides the stones and bora winds, Kras is also known for its prosciutto and Teran wine. Get your own real-estate in Divaca.

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