Property for sale in Obalno-kraska region (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Obalno-kraska region

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Obalno-kraska region

Obalno-kraska region is Slovenia's only coastal region. Small by its size and population, this is the only region extending all the way to the Adriatic sea; its geographical position along with its natural, cultural and historical characteristics makes it special among the Slovene regions. It is exceptionally important for Slovenia as it is the "gateway to the world", the link with the Mediterranean and the gateway to the world seas.

Find your property in Obalno-kraska region. The region is divided among 7 municipalities. It is easily accessible by the Slovene and Italian road and railway networks; connections with tourist areas in the Croatian part of the Istria peninsula are also relatively good. In Koper, there is the most important Slovene port with an extensive hinterland reaching all the way to Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

A large proportion of the economy is related to the sea in one way or the other - from the Port of Koper with its port activities to the towns of Portoroz, Piran and Izola with their marine tourism, and agriculture which is oriented into Mediterranean crops and wine-growing. As a whole, the region is only slightly behind the Osrednjeslovenska region in terms of economical prosperity, successfully taking advantage of its coastal position.

Property for sale in Obalno-kraska region. The region which occupies 5.2% of the national territory and can be divided into two parts - the karst interior, covering almost two thirds of the region, and low hills in the coastal belt. The karst interior is characterised by the undulating landscape, dotted with numerous dolines, with no water sources and surface waters; the only surface water is the Reka river, disappearing underground in the magnificent Skocjan caves and flowing through unknown channels towards karst springs of the Timavo river near Monfalcone in Italy. More than one third of the region is covered with broadleaf and pine forests and shrubs. The rest are pastures under the process of rapid overgrowing, fields, meadows and vineyards around clustered villages, typically situated on low hilltops. The karst area descends with a picturesque, up to 300 m high cliff towards the hilly flysch country, extending all the way to the Adriatic coast, where villages with fields, vineyards and orchards are situated on wide ridges with an altitude of 100-400 m. Steep slopes, mostly overgrown by shrubs and economically unimportant broadleaf forest, descend into the valleys of short streams where most of the region's flatland is found at their outlet into the sea. The largest rivers are the Rizana and the border river Dragonja; in the Dragonja mouth, extensive saltpans are located. 

Most popular places to buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Obalno-kraska region are Koper, Izola, Piran, Portoroz, Sezana, Divaca, etc. The old towns of Koper, Izola and Piran are situated along the coast. They preserved all the characteristics of the ancient Mediterranean towns, while the tourist resort of Portoroz was established later. Inland, along the main Vienna-Trieste railway and road, the towns of Sezana and Divaca are situated. The most important natural resource of the region is the sea, important for tourism, fishing industry and salt production and, of course, as a Slovene gateway to the world.

Buy property in any of 7 municipalities in Obalno-kraska region: Divaca, Hrpelje - Kozina, Izola, Komen, Koper, Piran and Sezana.

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