Property for sale in Ptuj (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Ptuj

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Ptuj

Ptuj is the cultural, administrative, economic, employment, educational, and traffic center of the wider region. The city developed at the junction of Slovenske gorice, Dravsko polje, and Ptujsko polje and also covers the area of Haloze to the south. After World War II, the city developed from a small rural town, and with its growth individual areas of the city took shape such as the old city centre where extensive renovations have been made, new parts of the city with apartment buildings and individual residences, industrial areas, and so forth. Because of their historical significance, many buildings in Ptuj are protected as monuments. Near the city, the largest reservoir in Slovenia has been formed by a dam on the Drava River.

Find property for sale in Ptuj. Numerous archeological remains prove that the city experienced its first period of prosperity as the Roman town of Poetovio. The present much admired appearance of the city originated during the Middle Ages when Ptuj experienced its second rise to wealth and prominence. The castle, the Dominican and Minorite monasteries, the Provost Church, the old City Hall, the patrician houses, numerous marvelously carved doors, wrought iron window grills, and stonecutting details are the most important elements testifying to the spiritually and materially rich life of our forefathers in this region. The heritage of past centuries will enchant even the most demanding visitor to Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia.

Buy your property in Ptuj. A rich cultural heritage, wine cellars, farm produce, thermal waters, a century-long tradition of poultry farming, handicrafts, Ptuj Lake, a varied culinary offer, and institutions of culture, health, education, administration, and justice make Ptuj the economic, cultural, educational, health, and administrative center of a wider region with almost 100,000 residents.

In the surroundings of Ptuj, there are many possibilities for excursions into the unspoiled nature spread between Ptujsko polje and Dravsko polje and encircled by the picturesque Slovenske gorice and Haloze hills. In the immediate vicinity, the Terme Ptuj Health Resort invites us with the beneficial and healing effects of its thermal waters. The inns and restaurants of the city and its surroundings offer a great variety of specialties that the vintage wines from the Ptuj Wine Cellar complement very well. More than seven centuries of winegrowing tradition lie behind the quality of our wine. The Ptuj Wine Cellar is famous for its extensive wine collection, and its archives also boast Slovenia’s oldest wine from 1917. Get your own real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Ptuj.

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