Property for sale in Jugovzhodna region (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Jugovzhodna region

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Jugovzhodna region

Jugovzhodna region is situated in the southeastern part of Slovenia in a transitional area between forested Dinaric Mountains and gently undulating hills on the extreme southwestern margin of the Pannonian Plain. Despite relatively low altitudes, the plain is not extensive, mostly along the middle reach of the Krka river where the regional centre Novo mesto is situated. The landscape in this part is characterised by low, rolling hills with numerous clustered villages and churches on hilltops. 

At the southwestern part of the region, densely forested Dinaric karst is one of the last Central European refuges of brown bear, lynx and wolf. This karst area with no springs nor surface water consists mostly of forested mountain ranges, with the majority of its population living in the fertile "poljes" (broad depressions in the karst area with flat and fertile bottom surrounded by forested mountains) between them.

Property for sale in Jugovzhodna region. The Jugovzhodna region covers 13.2% of the national territory, the largest region in Slovenia and is, in spite of its relatively low altitude, the second most sparsely populated Slovenian region.  In the west it extends into the Dinaric Mountains, containing the vast, completely uninhabited Kocevski Rog, Poljanska gora, Goteniska gora, Stojna mountain ranges, and the sparsely populated Suha krajina karst plateau, dotted with only a few small villages. Other parts of the region are characterised by an undulating, partially karst landscape with a colourful mosaic of fields, meadows and vineyards around clustered villages, mostly inhabited by no more than 100 people. The south eastern part of Jugovzhodna is comprised of Bela krajina, a large, low-lying karst plateau with altitudes between 160-200 m, which is quite sparsely populated due to its poor soils.

Most popular places to buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Jugovzhodna region are Novo Mesto, Crnomelj, Kocevje, Metlika, Trebnje, Ribnica, etc. Extensive plains are found in the Novo mesto Basin along the Krka river. Novo mesto, the regional centre, is situated here. Other local centres are Trebnje on the Temenica river, Zuzemberk in the upper Krka valley, Crnomelj and Metlika in Bela krajina.

Find your property in Jugovzhodna region. Near Novo mesto, natural thermal water abounds in two locations, and has led to the development of health resorts. Otherwise, surface water and springs are relatively sparse due to the permeable bedrock. Thanks to their clean water, the region's largest rivers, the Krka and Kolpa, are popular for leisure pursuits and fishing. In the northern part of its course the Temenica river disappears twice and reappears again on its way towards the Krka valley.

Buy property in any of 16 municipalities in Jugovzhodna region: Crnomelj, Dolenjske Toplice, Kocevje, Kostel, Loski Potok, Metlika, Mirna Pec, Novo mesto, Osilnica, Ribnica, Semic, Sodrazica, Sentjernej, Skocjan, Trebnje and Zuzemberk.

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