Property for sale in Grosuplje (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Grosuplje

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Grosuplje

Grosuplje is the administrative and commercial centre of the municipality and the hub of its transport and communications. The town was first mentioned in 1136. The origins of the name of the settlement have not yet been researched, though numerous suggestions exist, some more serious than others.

Find your property in Grosuplje. Grosuplje grew from a small village into a rapidly developing market town after the construction of the railway in 1893. It experienced its greatest growth after the World War II when it began to industrialize. The number of inhabitants quintupled over a period of twenty years. Grosuplje has a pleasant location just fifteen kilometers from Ljubljana and has good prospects for further development. Its metal, provisions, timber and construction industries provide a living for approximately 4,500 inhabitants. Grosuplje was once famous for its textile industry, and later for a large construction company. Today it boasts many smaller family-run concerns and environmentally friendly manufacturing plants, producing, most notably, equipment for the catering trade.

Find property for sale in Grosuplje. The building of the motorway and other national and local infrastructure has led to a great increase in interest in the building of new housing, the relocation of activities and the construction of new manufacturing plants. On the southern and western edges of the town ‘commercial zones’ are being developed which will potentially provide jobs for those residents of Grosuplje who currently commute to Ljubljana every day. To the north an increasing number of family houses are planned.

Get your own real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Grosuplje. The Grosuplje municipality covers the Grosuplje basin, which consists of the Smarska dolina valley, the Grosupeljsko polje and Radensko polje plains and the surrounding hills. It is mostly known for its rich cultural and historical heritage and for its well-developed craft and industry. The Grosuplje hills were settled as early as the Hallstat period, and a well-preserved prehistoric village with artificial terraces and defensive embankments can be found on Magdalenska gora. This is the home of song and folklore. There are also many other sights worth visiting, such as Castle Cusperk (the oldest castle in the area), the Zupanova jama (cave) and the karstic Radensko polje (plain).

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