Property for sale in Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Nova Gorica

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica is a young city built after World War II at the junction of the Trnovo plateau, the Soca valley, the Vipava valley, Kras (Karst), and Brda.

Find your property in Nova Gorica. The history of the Goriska region surrounding the city, however, reaches far into the past, and humans settled here in the Paleolithic period. Archeological finds from the Iron Age reveal that major trade and military roads passed through here. Later, the Romans were masters here, then the Slavs settled, and its first medieval lords were the Aquileian Patriarchs. Until the 16th century, the region was governed by the Counts of Gorizia, and after their demise, the region became a Hapsburg possession. Aside from a brief period under Napoleon's Illyrian Provinces, the region was ruled by Austria until the end of World War I and by Italy until World War II. After World War II when Primorska was ceded to Yugoslavia and Slovenia but the city of Gorizia remained in Italy following the decision of the 1946 Paris Peace Conference, Nova Gorica ("New Gorizia") was planned as a regional center. By 1948, the first new buildings had been constructed. Although Nova Gorica has no ancient core, it still has great spirit and character, interesting surroundings, delicious cuisine, and excellent wines.

Find property for sale in Nova Gorica. In its half-century of development Nova Gorica has succeeded in becoming the administrative, cultural and economic centre of western Slovenia. The town boasts a newly built theatre and gallery with all the latest facilities and equipment, the Gorica Museum, the Provincial Archive and a library, and is home to the Science and Environment Faculty and a number of secondary schools.

Economic development in the municipality is focused on restructuring industry and promotion of small businesses, particularly via the introduction of new environment-friendly technology, exploiting the border location and ensuring the flow of capital, and developing trade, tourism and other service activities.

This land of Goriska region is like a palm between the Alps and the sea; in very few places can such a diverse range of attractions be found in such a small area. Get your own real-estate (house, flat, apartment, land or commercial property) in Nova Gorica.

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