Property for sale in Goriska region (Slovenia)

Property for sale in Goriska region

Buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Goriska region

By size, Goriska is the fourth largest Slovenian region, while only the seventh by population. Situated in the western parts of Slovenia along the Italian border, it is almost entirely within the catchment area of the Soca (Isonzo in Italian) river, rising deep in the heart of the Julian Alps, flowing southwards and entering the wide Friuli Plain near Gorica.

The entire northern part of the region is part of high Julian Alps - almost all settlements are situated in the deeply carved, glacially reshaped Soca valley. The Soca is one of the last intact Alpine rivers, very popular with holidaymakers and water sports fans who find their holiday property there. The central part of the region - the Idrija mountains - is heavily dissected and hardly passable. Towards the south it continues into the forested karst plateaus of Banjsice and Trnovski gozd which drop abruptly - with an almost 1000 m high cliff - into the fertile and densely populated Vipava valley, distinctively Mediterranean in terms of climate and culture. Today, it is divided among 12 municipalities. The southern part of the region is easily accessible from both the Slovenian side as well as the Italian side; a motorway through the Vipava valley is currently under construction; when constructed, it will connect Slovenian and Italian motorway networks. The northern part of the region is rather marginal in a traffic sense - it is accessible only through the Soca valley from south to north and across high mountain passes.

Find your property in Goriska region. The position of the region along the Slovene-Italian border is very favourable for its southern plain part, while it increases the peripheral character of its larger mountainous part. Despite being only a little over 100 km away from Ljubljana and relatively close to the densely populated Friuli plain in the neighbouring Italy, the upper part of the Soca valley is not easily accessible due to the mountainous terrain, while the main pass towards Gorenjska, leading across the Julian Alps, is closed throughout the colder part of the year. This part of the region is an area of intensive depopulation. Its natural resources are poor and its weak economy is strongly dependent on tourism. The intact Soca river and picturesque mountainous landscape, especially in the southern part of the Triglav National park, offer numerous tourism development potentials which are largely unexploited. 
The advantage of this part of the region is also the Mediterranean climate, enabling specialisation of agriculture into wine, fruit and vegetables growing. Although the Vipava Valley is the largest plain in the Mediterranean part of Slovenia, favourable natural conditions for growing more sensible fruits and vegetables are far from being fully exploited compared to the plain on the Italian side of the border.

Property for sale in Goriska region. The Goriska region occupies 11.5% of the national territory and is mostly covered with high mountains and hills in the Soca river basin. In the north there are high Julian Alps with the deeply incised upper Soca valley. The middle part comprises heavily dissected Idrija mountains in the Idrijca river basin (the highest peak is Porezen, 1630 m), towards the south extending into the forested Trnovski gozd karst plateau with altitudes 1 000-1 300 m and into the slightly lower Banjsice plateau.

On their southern side, the plateaus descend steeply - with over a 1 000 m high escarpment -into the fertile Vipava valley along the Vipava river, the Gorica plain along the Soca and the Goriska brda hills along the Italian border.

The southern part of the region has Mediterranean climate. The peculiarity of the Vipava valley is bora, a turbulent descending wind which can blow with a speed of over 50 m/s in winter months.

In mountainous parts of the region, the majority of settlements and agricultural land is located in the narrow river valleys - the areas outside the valleys are sparsely settled due to steep slopes. 

Most popular places to buy real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Goriska region are Nova Gorica, Ajdovscina, Idrija, Tolmin, Bovec, etc. The largest town in the Soca valley is Tolmin, other local centres are Bovec and Kobarid in the Soca valley and Idrija and Cerkno in the Idrija mountains. Unlike the mountainous part of the region, its southern part is densely settled. Larger towns are Nova Gorica by the Italian border and Ajdovscina and Vipava in the Vipava valley. The only ore deposit of the Goriska region was mercury which was extracted in Idrija from 1490 to 1986. The mine is now completely shut down. 

The Soca river with its tributaries is an important resource - in its middle course hydroelectric plants are installed, while its upper course is protected as a national heritage due to its exceptional beauty and preserved natural condition. Get your own property in Goriska region.

Buy property in any of 12 municipalities in Goriska region has: Ajdovscina, Bovec, Brda, Cerkno, Idrija, Kanal ob Soci, Kobarid, Miren - Kostanjevica, Nova Gorica, Sempeter - Vrtojba, Tolmin and Vipava.

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