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Harju County (Harju maakond) or Harjumaa, nowadays one of 15 counties of Estonia, is situated in northern Estonia, on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland, and borders Laane-Viru County to the east, Jarva County to the south-east, Rapla County to the south, and Laane County to the south-west. Find property for sale in Harju County.

Harju County is the largest as to the population and the second largest as to the total area. It is located in North-Estonia covering the costal region of the Gulf of Finland from the Gulf of Keibu to the Gulf of Eru and stretching out as far as 56 km from the sea. The centre of the county is Tallinn, which is also the capital of Estonia. Harju County has been in the centre of the historic cultural events that is why it is the richest in cultural monuments. Get your own property in Harju County.

A distinctive feature of Harju County’s nature is its extremely varied scenery with its rich and rare flora and different fauna. Korvemaa landscape protection area is situated in the eastern part of Harju County. This area offers possibilities for spending a holiday and free time in extremely beautiful surroundings. The hiking and educational nature trails offer a lot of experience and they are widely used both in summer and winter.

In summer, Harju County is undoubtedly the best place for holiday-markers and those without a definite plan to spend their holiday. Its advantage is the vicinity of the town and beautiful seashores. There are plenty of possibilities for everybody to spend an active holiday – a day at sea by boat, kayak or yacht; fishing; diving, and surfing. There are lovely small ports and wharves where you can enjoy a nice summer day. You can walk or cycle on the hiking trails in Harju County, there are also lots of horse riding possibilities. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Harju County.

Find properties in Urban municipalities of Harju County (Keila, Loksa, Maardu, Paldiski, Saue and Tallinn) and Rural municipalities of Harju County (Aegviidu, Anija (incl. Kehra), Harku, Joelahtme, Kernu, Kiili, Kose, Kuusalu, Koue, Nissi, Padise, Raasiku, Rae, Saku, Vasalemma and Viimsi).

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