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Bjelovar is a city in central Croatia. It is the administrative centre of Bjelovar-Bilogora County. Bjelovar lies in the Lonja-Ilova basin, in the southern piedmont part of Bilogora, 80 km west of Zagreb. Find property for sale in Bjelovar.

The first information you can find about Bjelovar is being one of the youngest cities in Croatia, but that fact doesn’t mean less. Bjelovar is cultural, administrative and business centre of the Bilogora-Moslavina region. Major industries include food processing (milling industry, meat products, alcoholic drinks, dairy products, biscuits), building contracting and metal processing. Bjelovar Livestock Exhibition (in September) is the main annual event in the town. Get your own property in Bjelovar.

Bjelovar is a traffic junction in this area. Bjelovar and Zagreb are connected by main road leading through the Town of Vrbovec and the Town of Cazma. The railroad via Krizevci connects Bjelovar with Zagreb and another one via Virovitica connects it with Osijek.

Bjelovar has rich political, military, economical, and cultural as well as sport tradition. Among cultural and historical monuments of this town, built according to physical plans, the most interesting are the Town Museum building, the parish church of St. Theresa with the Historic Archives and the "Preradovic" barracks.

Sports grounds and outdoor swimming pools, as well as the surrounding forests (Bilogora) provide various sports and recreational opportunities. The forests are rich in game. There is an abundance of fish in the Cesma and Plavnica rivers, as well as in the fishponds Siscani, Narta, etc. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Bjelovar.

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