Why buy property in Croatia

Foreigners' interest in buying property in Croatia is not something new. Before the war in the nineties many tourists showed interest in buying property in Croatia. At that time, they were not allowed. With the Croatian independency from Yugoslavia the thing changed and particularly, from 2000 the market started to emerge.

Germans and Austrians, who have a long history of tourism and commerce in Croatia were the first ones to buy property. British interests started around the end of 2002. Croatian real estate has risen in price recently but there are still some great bargains to be had if you know where and how to look.

The building standards in Croatia are really good indeed. Most of the builders, now developers, previously worked in Germany, when times in Croatia were harder. The quality is spot a first sight by many people who look for property in Croatia and helps them to decide for this country, where development is limited and there is good quality for value.

The Mediterranean as it used to be before the developers came in and wrecked everything. You have walled cities instead of a wall of condos, local markets instead of souvenir shops, fresh locally caught fish instead of fast food.

A long splendid coast. A solid 1778km (1102mi) of Adriatic coast winds around innumerable bays, inlets and coves. Add in the 1185 islands and you're talking a whopping 6000km (3720mi) of seafront. If you can't find the beach of your dreams here, it probably doesn't exist.

Good value for money.
While costs have risen considerably over the last five years, Croatia still compares favorably with other EU countries on the Mediterranean, especially for meals and private accommodation.

Unspoiled nature.
Clean air, clean water and plenty of meadows, forested mountains, lakes and rivers to explore are the legacy of a relatively under-industrialized country.

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