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Croatia (Croatian: Hrvatska), officially the Republic of Croatia, is a Central European country at the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital (and largest city) is Zagreb. Croatia borders Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, and Montenegro to the southeast. Croatia also has a long maritime border with Italy in the Adriatic Sea. These borders total 2,028 km altogether. Croatia has a strange shape (similar to a croissant) - similar to no other country in the world - that comes as a result of five centuries of expansion by the Ottoman (Turkish) empire towards Central Europe (although Croatia was never conquered by the Turks). Croatia is very popular place to buy property.

As one of the most important tourist destinations on the Mediterranean Croatia boasts a long tradition in tourism and favorable developmental opportunities. Croatia offers diverse forms of tourism, including summer and winter tourism, nautical tourism, congress tourism, ecology tourism, health tourism, hunting and fishing, or tourism related to family farms and pleasure cruising. Croatian tourism regions have shaped their specific offer in accordance with global trends and their own tradition. The most important regions are Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik area, Zagreb as the Croatian capital and the continental part of Croatia. Find property for sale in Croatia.

Beautiful landscapes, exceptionally long, varied and picturesque coastline and natural parks are magnets for those who want to relax close to nature, while others will appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Croatia. Croatia is also known for its great wines and delicious traditional food. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Croatia.

Croatia has 21 counties (Croatian: zupanija): Bjelovarsko-bilogorska zupanija, Brodsko-posavska zupanija, Dubrovacko-neretvanska zupanija, Istarska zupanija, Karlovacka zupanija, Koprivnicko-krizevacka zupanija, Krapinsko-zagorska zupanija, Licko-senjska zupanija, Medimurska zupanija, Osjecko-baranjska zupanija, Pozesko-slavonska zupanija, Primorsko-goranska zupanija, Sibensko-kninska zupanija, Sisacko-moslavacka zupanija, Splitsko-dalmatinska zupanija,  Varazdinska zupanija, Viroviticko-podravska zupanija, Vukovarsko-srijemska zupanija, Zadarska zupanija, City of Zagreb and Zagrebacka zupanija.

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