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Pazin is a town in Istria, Croatia. Pazin was made the administrative center of the Istria county, because it is located in the geographical center of the county and in order to boost the development of the interior of the peninsula. Find property for sale in Pazin.

Pazin is the administrative capital of Istria but it retains a pleasant, laid-back, small-town atmosphere and already in the 19th century, mostly because of its central position on the Peninsula, but importance as well, came to be called the “heart of Istria”.

Pazin is a town of long and rich tradition. It is situated in the very centre of Istrian peninsula, only 30 km away from well-known tourist centers. The intensity of life here is pretty much the same in 
winter and summer.

The city of Pazin connects the eastern and western coasts of Istria and is turning more and more towards tourism. Surrounded by beautiful natural terrain, consisting of numerous hills and ravines, many tourists visit Pazin to see the untouched landscape, and rich cultural and historical heritage of the town. Get your own property in Pazin.

Agrotourism is also making its way into Pazin's tourism. Here guests can find an apartment to stay in as well as enjoy lovely homemade Istrian cuisine. In Agrotourism, everything that is served is homegrown and homebred. Many of the inhabitants also make their own wine. Along with its agrotourism and accommodation, activities such as hiking and bike riding are just a couple of things to do in this beautiful city. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Pazin.

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