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Umag is a coastal city in Istria, Croatia. It is the westernmost city of Croatia and municipality includes Savudrija that is westernmost point of Croatia. At a distance of only 40 km from Trieste, 150 km from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and 50 NM from Venice, Umag is a favorite holiday destination with extraordinary excursion possibilities. Find property for sale in Umag.

Umag is a tourist place. Natural beauty and geographical location were decisive for the development of tourism. Tourism development of town and surroundings is in direct connection with the development of agriculture. Fertile soil is especially suitable for the cultivation of olives and wine production, as traditional culture characteristic for the Mediterranean climate. Widely known and respected wine from Istria attracts more and more tourists to this region. Get your own property in Umag.

Today, Umag is modern tourist resort enriched with new facilities every year. During the winter, it is a quiet place, and during the summer the town lives with its full life. The town is well known by cultural events. It also has the reputation of the Istrian sports centre, since as the host of the ATP tournament for many years now, it attracts numerous top world tennis players. Umag’s hinterland offers newly discovered tourist attractions like mountaineering, caving and other chances for adventure enthusiasts.

Old town is situated on a peninsula, between two bays. It has inherited the urban structure of the Middle Ages with numerous reminders of that era: picturesque narrow streets and squares, Venetian architecture houses and villas, wall remains. In the Old town you can find some very good restaurants with typical local dishes and excellent Istria wine. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Umag.

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