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Cres is a Croatian town found on the Island of Cres in the Kvarner Gulf. Cres is an Adriatic island in Croatia. It is one of the northern island in the Kvarner Gulf and can be reached via ferry from the island Krk or from the Istrian peninsula (line Brestova-Porozina). Find property for sale in Cres.

The town of Cres is situated in the northeastern part of a large and well-shielded bay that abounds in spacious and attractive bathing areas. The human activity, dating back to the Antique period, has left a whole range of monuments that help us to imagine how difficult life once has been on this island. Get your own property in Cres.

This neighbor to the Island of Krk is the second largest of the Adriatic Island. Located in the Kvarner in the Istrian Peninsula, it is a popular vacation spot in the Northern Adriatic Sea. In actual fact, Cres Island is slightly larger in landmass than Krk, but Krk is still considered the larger of the two by the Croatian population. It's sister island, Losinj Island, was once a part of the main body until separated by a channel by engineers of the Roman Empire during their occupation of Cres. You can still travel to Losinj from Cres over a trestle bridge.

Cres island has many towns, all of them connected by a road that runs down the middle of the island. On one side is the ferry port from the mainland; on the other is the bridge to island Losinj. The municipalities and larger settlements on Cres include: Porozina, Beli, Cres, Orlec, Valun, Lubenice, Belej, Stivan, Miholascica, Martinscica, Osor, Pernat, Podol, Punta Kriza and Vidovici.

Cres is not only dedicated to the preservation of their history but their natural history as well. The island is a home to the endangered Griffin Vulture, which is carefully protected and nurtured. Its beautiful forests and fields are open for public enjoyment but are carefully guarded by local officials. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Cres.

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