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Vis is a town on the island of the same name in Croatia. It is the center of the Vis municipality and part of Split-Dalmatia County. The town of Vis is located in the northeastern part of the island Vis in the bottom of a well-protected bay. It developed from the former settlements Kut and Luka, which became one entity in the 16th century. Find property for sale in Vis.

The town of Vis is located in a relatively large and protected bay (Croatian: uvala Svetog Jurja, English: Bay of Saint George) on the northeast side of the island facing the island of Hvar and the Dalmatian mainland. The port of Vis is located in the southwest part of the bay. The port is protected from open sea influence by the small island of Host and the Prirovo (Prilovo) peninsula. Other ports are smaller and located in Kut and Stonca, which are also parts of the town of Vis.

Many visitors, and especially the yachtsmen, are coming more and more to Vis. In every moment you can see changes in life-style, but at the same time Vis has kept the old, irresistible Mediterranean charm and life without stress and trouble. Get your own property in Vis.

Vis is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. Of all the inhabited Croatian islands, it is the furthest from the coast. The highest peak of Vis is called Hum. There are two towns and municipalities on the island, Vis and Komiza, both located on the seacoast. There are smaller settlements on the island's interior: Podselje, Marinje zemlje, Podspilje, and Podstrazje.

After Second World War Island Vis became a military base to which access was strictly controlled and it was only in summer 1998 that the island opened to foreign visitors. This protection from tourist development left the island unspoilt and the local population able to carry on their traditional way of life - fishing and farming. There are many vineyards and Vis has for centuries been famous for its wine. Good restaurants offer locally caught fresh fish and lobsters served with the local wines. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Vis.

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